Who’s who at Brussels2030?

We work with a small operational team: co-mission holders Jan Goossens and Fatima Zibouh and three staff members, Maya Galle, Laura Loute and Astrid Begenyeza.

The co-mission holders

Jan Goossens

Jan Goossens was appointed co-mission holder of Brussels2030 in 2021.   

Jan studied literature and philosophy in Antwerp, Leuven and London. He was artistic director of KVS in Brussels from 2001 to 2016, and general director of the Festival de Marseille from 2016 to 2022.  Since 2015, he has also been co-artistic director of the festival Dream City in Tunis, together with Selma and Sofiane Ouissi.  Jan Goossens has been working on the intersection of artistic creation and metropolitan coexistence, in Europe and in the ‘Global South’, for more than two decades. 

Fatima Zibouh

Fatima Zibouh was appointed co-mission holder of Brussels2030 in 2023.   

Fatima has a doctorate in political and social sciences. She combines this mission with her role as an expert on diversity and inclusion issues at Actiris. She is also involved in Brussels civil society, focusing on intercultural dialogue and participatory democracy. 

The staff

Maya Galle

Maya enjoys working on connecting projects. For years, she built bridges as public relations officer at KVS, helped to organise four Zinneke Parades and numerous other socio-cultural and artistic initiatives. At Brussels2030, she is responsible for the operational work. 

Laura Loute

Laura holds a Master’s degree in Multilingual Communication and International Relations at the ULB and has contributed to the development of artistic events and the organisation of numerous cultural projects within small and large structures in Brussels and in France. She is mainly in charge of the administrative management of Brussels2030. 

Astrid Begenyeza

Astrid holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations from IHECS. Since 2019, she is involved in Rebel, a feminist collective in the electronic music sector in Brussels. At Brussels2030, she is in charge of the participation and co-creation projects This is Us.This is Brussels and Speak Up Brussels! 

The reflection chamber

Olivier AlsteensSammy BalojiSigrid BoussetEric Corijn
Joachim DeclerckBernard FoccroulleNadia HadadGrégory Laurent
Loredana MarchiJoanna MaycockDavid MurgiaIbrahim Ouassari
Séverine ProvostLouma SalaméFrançois SchuitenMichel Steyaert
Karlien VanhoonackerDavid Van ReybrouckMarie Umuhoza 

The board

Eric Corijn

Asma Mettioui

Danny Opdebeeck

Françoise Tulkens

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