Update #5: Building the Brussels Imaginary

On Friday 11 February, our think tank met on one of the three themes of the project that Brussels 2030 wants to develop: How can we dream, imagine and tell Brussels together, with a view to 2030?

During this meeting, several people from civil society were invited to present their project, including the artist François Schuiten. He highlighted the relationship that Belgium, and Brussels in particular, has with comics, his favourite medium. We also heard from Myriam Stoffen (former director of Zinneke) about the Zinneke Parade as a means of expression inspired by the differences between the people of Brussels.

Other actors from the Brussels socio-cultural life took part in the discussion: Jozef Wouters and Marie Umuhoza from Decoratelier, a creative space where the space is as important as the project itself; Charlotte Patoux of Brussels City of Stories, which encourages Brussels residents to tell and share their stories; and Einat Tuchman of Marché de Molenbeek.

This first exchange generated a lot of interest from the think tank, and several themes and related questions were discussed: centralisation of cultural competences, environment and biodiversity, periphery, youth, sense of ownership and belonging, etc.

On this basis, we will be able to pursue a common reflection at future meetings and bring together the different initiatives.

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