Update #4: Involving Brussels citizens in the creation of a broadly mobilised and supported urban project

How can we shape, govern and further democratise Brussels together in the run-up to 2030? How can many Brussels residents, especially those who are younger than 30 today, but who will jointly take over Brussels in 2030, let their voices be heard in the coming years, and have their say about the city they would like to live in? And how can we bring those voices and proposals into our journey towards Brussels 2030, European Capital of Culture? How can proposals by citizens and cultural practices reinforce each other?

In our Think Tank of December 17th, David Van Reybrouck, author and founder and pacesetter of the G1000, formulated a first proposal for how we can achieve a participative process in the next preparatory years, that answers to this need to involve Brussels citizens in the creation of a broadly mobilised and supported urban project. In the following months, we will elaborate on this proposal, with the intention of starting work on it in September of this year. Young inhabitants of Brussels between 6 and 25 years old, the broad and diverse Brussels civil society: in 2022 and 2023 they will be asked about their ideal Brussels. In cooperation with the Brussels Parliament we will take their suggestions and proposals and process them into a series of options and possibilities for living together in Brussels. And they will help form the spine of what in 2024 will become the project we will propose to Brussels and Europe.

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