Update #3: Building places of the future where change multiplies

On October 15th 2021, our Think Tank discussed one of the key questions of the urban project that Brussels 2030 would like to develop: how can we, as inhabitants of Brussels, in the next decade build and make our city – its public spaces, its streets and squares, its buildings and infrastructures? How can we do this in a way that contributes to the important transitions Brussels is facing, in terms of ecology, democracy, equality and decolonisation? And how can artists and cultural workers play a role in this?

In that context, as a member of the reflection room, Joachim Declerck gave a presentation of ‘The Great Transformation‘, a long-term project for the transformation of Brussels on which he is working with his colleagues from Architecture Workroom. De Grote Verbouwing’ invests in concrete places of the future: a street, a neighbourhood, a house, where we, as citizens, can join forces to bring about the necessary change in our living environment. In as many places as possible in the city, artists, thinkers and citizens are building together on such places of the future where change is multiplying: this could be one of the main themes of Brussels 2030.

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