Update #27: Molenbeek-Brussels2030 Youth Coalition (9-24.09): Shaping Brussels’ Future through the Voices of its Youth 

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Brussels is gearing up for an exciting and transformative initiative that puts the aspirations and concerns of its youth at the forefront. The “Molenbeek-Brussels2030 Youth Coalition”, a groundbreaking endeavor within the framework of Molenbeek-Brussels2030‘s co-creation approach, is set to unfold from September 9th to September 24th, 2023. This initiative, a vital part of Brussels’ bid for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2030, aims to empower young voices and translate their vision into actionable programs for the region’s future. 

Composing a dynamic cohort of 100 young Brussels residents aged 15 to 30, the Molenbeek-Brussels2030 Youth Coalition will embody the 1000 “questions to the future” by young Brusselers, collected during the first phase of the Speak Up Brussels! project. Over three days, from September 9th to September 24th, these 100 youngsters will be working in six groups, each focusing on a distinct thematic area. These clusters of themes have emerged from the 1000 questions, dreams and worries gathered during the initial phase of the project. 

The Molenbeek-Brussels2030 Youth Coalition’s mission is to address three critical questions: 

  1. What does the youth of Brussels envision for their city’s future? 
  2. What role can Brussels play as the European Capital of Culture in shaping this future? 
  3. How can the Molenbeek-Brussels2030 initiative leverage these pathways for change and incorporate them into its 2030 candidacy? 

The journey of the Molenbeek-Brussels2030 Youth Coalition will happen at the Brussels Parliament and the Ancienne Belgique, where participants will engage in immersive sessions, discussions, and debates centered around their hopes and aspirations for Brussels. By harnessing the diverse energy of its participants, the initiative aims to foster dialogue and craft a visionary agenda for Molenbeek-Brussels2030. 

The group assignments align with six overarching themes: 

  1. Brussels Community and Young Generations, Work, Education  
  2. Brussels Identity and Culture
  3. Brussels Mobility
  4. Brussels Nature and Climate
  5. Brussels Living Conditions and Urbanism
  6. Brussels Safety

To ensure the representation of varied voices and perspectives, we extended an invitation to young individuals from across the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. Those aged between 15 and 30, actively engaged with the region through associations, schools, neighborhoods, or projects, and without any political mandates were encouraged to apply. 

Important Dates: 

– September 9: Participants will gather at the Brussels Parliament and the Ancienne Belgique to lay the foundation for the Youth Coalition and Molenbeek-Brussels2030. The day will involve delving into the 1000 collected questions, categorizing them into fields of potential, and establishing the initial agenda. 

– September 10: Participants will collaboratively address identified challenges and themes, shaping them into tangible and appealing scenarios for Brussels’ future. 

– September 24: The final day will focus on refining creative and written proposals for the candidature in 2024, sharing them during a plenary session in which we make the interim balance.

This initiative underscores Brussels’ commitment to fostering a region that not only values the opinions of its young citizens but actively integrates their vision into its development trajectory. Through the Molenbeek-Brussels2030 Youth Coalition, Molenbeek-Brussels2030 is charting a path toward a more inclusive, dynamic, and visionary bid.  


With the support of Brussels Parlement, VGC, Region of Brussels Capital Region, P&V Foundation, and 24 youth initiatives: Youth LAB (Ancienne Belgique), Athénée Emile Bockstael, BXRepresent ASBL, CIVA, Collectif rebel, Collège Saint-Hubert, Citizenlab, Debagora, École plurielle maritime, Erasmushogeschool, FCJMP, Girls Make the City, ISFSC, JEEP, KANAL-Centre Pompidou, La Forestière, La Concertation, Les Ambassadeurs d’Expression Citoyenne, Maison des jeunes Regards (Evere), Promojeunes, Tremplins ASBL, ULB Culture, VUB Medialab 3. 

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