Update #18: How do young people in Brussels see their future in 2030? Speak Up Brussels! gives a voice to the adults of tomorrow!

Speak Up Brussels! is an invitation to all young people in Brussels between the ages of 15 and 30 and to all youth organizations (associations, schools, academies, sports centers, and collectives) working directly with them to make their voices heard on the future of their city in 2030.

In the context of Brussels’ candidacy to become European Capital of Culture in 2030, we asked ourselves the following questions: How can we transform the urban project into a co-creation project? How can we include the participation of the youth of Brussels and the whole of Brussels from 2023 onwards in our journey so that Brussels2030 becomes an inclusive project, driven by the inhabitants of Brussels, and not mainly by its cultural and political institutions?

Brussels is getting younger every year. No other Belgian region has as many young people as Brussels! The inhabitants of Brussels under the age of 30 represent 40% of the population. That’s why the Speak Up Brussels! project reaches out to the youth of Brussels to understand their expectations and ambitions for Brussels in 2030. What do they hope for? What are their concerns? How do they think they will get there or avoid it?

To participate in the Brussels2030 project, we have created a platform where young people can express themselves: http://www.brussels2030.be/speakup

We would also like to invite all those who work directly with young people in Brussels – schools, sports centers, academies, youth centers, collectives, cultural and social organisations – to take part in the Speak Up Brussels! initiative. How can you do this? By leading them directly to our platform, or by setting up our Speak Up Brussels! workshop which allows young people to project themselves and envision the future of their city.

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