Update #13: Brussels2030 moves forward: call to applications to motivated candidates to carry out the project Brussels2030 European Capital of Culture


A little over a year ago, the government of the Brussels Capital Region mandated Jan Goossens and Hadja Lahbib to prepare Brussels’ candidacy as European Capital of Culture in 2030. “Brussels2030” is a great and inspiring project for our city, and for our region. Brussels2030 has chosen not only to work on the preparation of our candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2030 but also to promote interest among and mobilise civil society as part of this project, the aim of which is to transform Brussels into the cultural capital of Europe and to remain so. This matters to all of us.

The project is taking shape. In June 2022, Brussels2030 submitted an interim report to the government and a first Summer Assembly, which attracted almost a thousand participants, was held in July. This summer, Brussels2030 supported 15 arts projects in public spaces around the region.

And from this autumn onwards, various projects will be launched:

  • working with the young people of Brussels towards the creation of a Youth coalition;
  • working around imagining and creating future spaces in various neighbourhoods;
  • projects with the arts and cultural sector.

This is all designed to create new perspectives for Brussels and to enable proposals to be presented during the summer of 2023. Year upon year, a truly great plan for 2030 is in the process of being built together with all Brussels residents.

All of this requires much energy and commitment. Recently, Hadja Lahbib has been called upon to undertake a new role. The whole team would like to congratulate her! We are therefore taking advantage of this opportunity to launch a call to strengthen our multidisciplinary and diverse team and inject our inclusive project with an influx of new energy and skills.

This call is addressed to:

  • Enthusiastic, preferably multilingual Brussels residents with an interest and significant experience to lead this ambitious project as a part-time mission holder alongside Jan Goossens. You may have experience in the artistic or cultural sector, or in finance, organisation or administration, or in other disciplines that could enrich our team.
  • Candidates for one of the three part-time positions: a colleague for the project “Creating a shared imaginary” (50%), a colleague for the project “Speak Up Brussels / Youth Coalition” (50%), a colleague for the project “This is Us. This is Brussels” (40%). 
  • Anyone who would like to contribute their expertise and skills to the project on a one-off or occasional basis.

Brussels2030 wishes to boost collaborative work with others, especially regarding its activities with young people and those involved in cultural work. We also require support on an occasional basis.  If you would like to contribute to making Brussels the cultural capital we want it to be, and if you are inspired by our report, then please contact us.

You might just be the perfect fit for our team!

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