Werken aan zorgzame en duurzame buurten

At the end of 2019, in cooperation with three central partners BSI-BCO, BRAL and Groot Eiland, VGC started an exploratory study under the impetus of an investment subsidy for the realization of a ‘productive green and blue network in the southern pentagon’ granted by the Flemish Government. In 2021, Groot Eiland set to work with the results of the study in order to translate them into concrete realizations in close cooperation with school networks, neighborhood activities, care institutions and other (neighborhood) actors. As a result, an edible green, blue, biodiversity and coolness network was sown in the inner city of Brussels that finds its way through the streets, along facades, through fences and over roofs. A hidden vegetable garden, a shady spot under a mulberry tree, an edible grove on a playground and climbing greenery at the school gate… In June 2022, the first realizations of GroenBlauw.bxl will officially be inaugurated. An ideal moment to discover the first results, reflect on the process and look ahead to the future during a round table discussion.

🚩 Belmundo, Henegouwkaai 41 – Molenbeek

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Thursday 07.07
Groot Eiland
🗣️ NL, FR, ENG

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