Toekomstplekken in Brussel – Kureghem

The Cureghem district, between the railway and the canal, has a glorious industrial past. But when industry moved away in the 1970s, neglect and poverty followed. This ‘arrival neighborhood’ faces quite some challenges, yet when you walk through the neighborhood, you can feel the future in the making. The tour of Brukselbinnenstebuiten will take you to some of the areas where the future of Cureghem is taking shape: recycling and circular economy projects, new green links, investments in education, housing and culture… We start at Ninoofseplein and end at the site of the Abattoirs, where an ambitious sustainable urban project is in the making. This walk starts at Ninoofsepoort (Magrittefontein) / Porte de Ninove (Fontaine Magritte). See you there on Tuesday 05 July at 14:00.

🚩 Magrittefontein – Ninoofseplein

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Tuesday 05.07
🗣️ NL, FR

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