The true nature of Brussels

Gosie Vervloessem, aka The Sick Detective guides you through the botanological map of the magical pentagon to explore together with you the intimate plant life of Brussels. The garden of Eden, the horror garden gets plowed, a landscape of emotions surfaces and reveals the true nature of the swamp city. Gosie Vervloessem’s artistic research focuses on the position of the researcher in times of multiple crises. Her work faces the challenges that arise within this role, and looks for new ways of producing knowledge. She focuses mainly on the concept of nature and tries to unravel the ideas that underpin this concept. In doing that, she identifies herself as a Sick Detective, a character that involves the vegetal kingdom as a possible ally in her research.

🚩 Tour à Plomb – attic

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Tuesday 05.07
Gosie Vervloessem
🗣️ ENG

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