The Brussels of witches: feminist guided walk [FULLY BOOKED]

In the 14th century, as we move out of the ‘dark’ Middle Ages and into the Modern Age and the Renaissance, women are plunged into darkness – or rather into the flames of the stake. How were women’s skills and knowledge transformed into acts of witchcraft? How did the living conditions of free women change? What female figures reveal other possible worlds? What does our urban public space reveal about that time… and about witches today? Find out in this guided walk by art historian Chiara Tomalino from L’architecture qui dégenre. This walk starts at Tour à Plomb. See you there on Monday 04 July at 10h.

🚩 Tour à Plomb – income hall

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Monday 04.07
Chiara Tomalino (L’architecture qui dégenre)
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