The B-side of Brussels [FULLY BOOKED]

The objective of this session is to inspire the participants to discover ’B-side’ spots and stories in the heart of Brussels, by going into the field and creating a route of places and experiences that can be seen as examples of what Brussels2030 could be. First, we are going to introduce the activity by presenting a mapping case study. Then, from Tour à Plomb, we’re going on a field trip to build a route of several stopovers inside the Brussels pentagon, following a methodology of informal interviews with locals and stakeholders, to find ‘still undiscovered’ places that perform or encourage circular resource flows. This walk starts at Tour à Plomb. See you there on Monday 04 July at 10:00.

🚩 Tour à Plomb – income hall

Event Timeslots (1)

Monday 04.07
Julia Mendes Rocha & Francesca Gualino (OSMOS)
🗣️ FR, ENG

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