Super Terram Dérive (a fictional restitution of urban soil)


The aim is to experiment with new ways of relating to the ground by restoring modes of premodern attention, helping us to tell and amplify destabilizing stories and histories about urban soils. Super Terram proposes to organize a fictional ‘dérive,’ a semi-planned walking tour through the rarely accessed Schaerbeek Formation (SF) site, followed by an act of restitution, inspired by science-fiction (SF) techniques. We are a group of people living in Brussels, primarily women, of highly diverse backgrounds, both in terms of the bits of knowledge we mobilize and in terms of our origins. The uncertain future of urban soils, too often reduced to an inert surface whose value exclusively depends on land transactions, unites us. Our goal is to figure out how to plan and build our cities to make room for living soil, whose thickness would accommodate the life and affections it was deprived of for so long. And so the project Super Terram was born.

🚩 Schaerbeek Formation – Schaarbeek

Event Timeslots (1)

Tuesday 05.07
Facilitator: Nadia Casabella (ULB), Jolein Bergers (bral vzw) & Sotiria Kornaropolou (51n4e)
🗣️ NL, FR, ENG

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