STEENWEG – a culture of metropolitan ground floors: Walk

From the middle age up to the early 20th century, the ‘steenweg’ – the west-east urban axis connecting Gentse Steenweg and chaussée d’Ixelles – used to be the backbone of the city center. Nowadays, after a century of deep transformation and segmentation, it has become a trajectory intersecting highly diverse neighborhoods and a unique density of public buildings, cultural institutions and heritage sites. It is also planned as one of the future main pedestrian axis of the Regional Mobility Plan. Based on earlier studies carried out by the Brussels Studies Institute, UCLouvain and USL-B with the support of, this combination of walk and workshop will explore the possibility to reshape the Steenweg as a cultural landscape embodying the metropolitan soul and dreams of Brussels. First we will walk along the Steenweg, in order to observe the multiples uses and practices in publicly accessible spaces such as galleries, train and metro stations, halls, courts, patios, parkings, etc. In the afternoon we will share and discuss observations at Tour à Plomb.

🚩 Place Fernand Coq – Ixelles

Event Timeslots (1)

Thursday 07.07
Jean-Philippe De Visscher (UCL)
🗣️ NL, FR, ENG

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