Cocreating an imaginary park with residents

During the Enterfestival 2018, Jovial Mbenga created an imaginary park with a very diverse group of inhabitants (Japanese, Greek, French, German, Slovak, Belgian, Peruvian…) from Woluwe-Saint-Pierre: Park Belle Vedere. The group wanted to turn Woluwe back into the attractive area it must have been at the time of the horse races, at the beginning of last century. It was their own diversity that was used as an attraction, and so the Park became a metaphor for living together in Brussels’ diverse reality. We will share our experiences, from the perspective of the creator, the participants, and the organizer. What made this happening so special? How do you create together with a diverse group, what does it take? What is the impact on the participants? How do you imagine together, from different perspectives, and create a new transcending culture/narrative? What can be taken to Brussels2030?

🚩 Tour à Plomb – room 2

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Monday 04.07
Ciska Vandendriessche, Jovial Mbenga & Konstantina Slakoni (Park Belle Vedere)
🗣️ NL, FR, ENG

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