Brussels Turbulencies, research into what wind around towers says about cities

The session is designed as a workshop to start thinking about the presence of towers and skyscrapers in Brussels (and elsewhere) and their impact on cities. It starts with a presentation by Raf Custers and Greet Brauwers on their practice of Tower Turbulence, which is then handed over to a number of invited speakers by exu to move towards an exchange with the participants, the result of which should be – ideally – the intention to initiate and plan a collective research over the long term on Tower Turbulence. Raf Custers and Greet Brauwers carry out artistic research projects. An important theme is hyper-extractivism. They therefore work on extractivism in cities (e.g. Brussels, Kinshasa, Rio de Janeiro and Jerusalem) and mining (in the DRCongo, Latin America and the seabed).

🚩 Tour à Plomb – room 2

Event Timeslots (1)

Thursday 07.07
Raf Custers & Greet Brauwers
🗣️ NL, FR

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