Ten years ago, the exhibition 4×4 was organised as part of the Jonction Festival. Following the study work Brussels 2040, four coalitions (V+, Studio 012/Karbon, 51N4E/L’AUC/BBS, XDG) presented their vision of the north-south connection and the future of the connecting infrastructure through four carpets measuring four by four metres. Today, the discussion is ongoing. The North-South connection is still saturated and a second railway tunnel heats the debate. What does this mean? How should we deal with infrastructure in the city? Has Jonction been followed in any way? With these questions in mind, we gather some of the actors, dust off the carpets and retrieve one another at the former train museum of Brussels North. In four acts, we take the time to investigate what the Brussels infrastructures of tomorrow will look like. Where Jonction departed from one of the most radical and dominant modernist infrastructures of Brussels, in this session we try to draw the contours of possible adaptive infrastructures for the future. Which places and flows in Brussels are collectively good? Can we map them out? And how do they challenge us to keep making the city together? Together with different actors the discussion that will take place in the former North Station train museum will take a new form that day. A start of a fifth carpet will bloom from the exchanges looking back and forth on the future of adaptive infrastructures of our cityscape. We will add, paint and craft this new carpet that will be visible as a trace of our Lab afternoon at the Tour à Plomb center for the rest of the week. Person of contact: Seppe De Blust (0491/727344)

🚩 51N4E – Located at the Museum / Maison Nord above McDonald’s in the entrance central hall of Brussels North Station

Event Timeslots (1)

Monday 04.07
Seppe De Blust & Emma Bourguignon (51N4E)
🗣️ NL, FR, ENG

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