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Becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2030 and remaining so: with as many Brussels residents as possible, we want to continue on this path over the next decade. But our dream goes further: we want to make this vision a reality, beyond the institutional and cultural fragmentation of our city. We hope to transform Brussels even deeper with artists, thinkers and culture as the driving force, but not only that. If we turn artistic experimentation, super cultural diversity and rich multilingualism into assets shared by young and old alike, Brussels will be better able to meet tomorrow’s great urban and global challenges. This is how we want to become a capital for all Europeans: a laboratory for intercultural and multilingual coexistence, but also for the ecological, democratic, social and decolonial revolutions that await us.


We work with a small operational team: the project was started by co-mission holders Hadja Lahbib (until july 2022) and Jan Goossens and three staff, Maya Galle, Laura Loute and Astrid Begenyeza. In January 2023 Fatima Zibouh joined te team as newly appointed co-mission holder.

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