Update #9: Customize our logo!

We are you. And you are us. So our logo is your logo.

We kindly invite you to appropriate our brand new logo and make it your own. Optimize, enhance, develop, revamp, vandalize or upcycle it. Make it better. Or worse. Or just make it different.

Sure, you can!

Whether you are a ket, a zinneke, someone else or somewhere in between, whether your roots are in Brussels or whether you are just passing by: everyone can join in.

We all can use a spoon of imagination and a cup of dreams. Are you a human being, an organisation, a collective, a company or a beast? Pick up a pen, your mouse, a marker or a grafitti can and switch your minds to 2030. Where will you be? And what should our city feel like? Now dream on and craft your vision.

Own it. Claim it. Share it.

Remix and sample the B2030 untill it becomes your creation. Take a picture, (screen)save or scan and share y/our logo on social media. To make sure we see what you did, tag your post with #B2030 and mention @brussels2030!
Nothing legal is off limits.

Download the B2030 logo template and go create:

What others already made:

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