Timelines: Sat 01.07

Brussels2030 Summer Assembly 2023

Field trips & walks, Saturday 01-07

🕑 14.00 – 17.00

1984 is now!

🚩 Les Halles (departure)
Hosts: Zero

Blurring the boundaries between two cities and two worlds through an immersive experience. An old cart goes to the city streets, like a Raree Show (Iranian Shahre-Farang). And give rides to people while they watch 360-degree real-life narratives on a VR headset. In this project, daily life stories of various Tehran locations match another city’s atmosphere/location to create an immersive experience. For example, a part of the VR film happens at a cafe; the cart goes to a cafe to immerse the audience and blur the boundaries of the two cities/worlds.

Arpentage d’un quartier populaire : Avanti Pogge ! [FULLY BOOKED]

🚩 Place Pogge – Schaarbeek (departure)
Hosts: Group of inhabitants “Avanti Pogge”
💬 FR

The walk to which we invite you is an opportunity to share the issues and views on the city experienced by the inhabitants of the Pogge district, at pavement level. It is also an opportunity to make several stops to explain our concrete actions: 01. the nomadic library 02. the temporary occupation of the future communal cultural centre 03. the pavement vegetation projects and the inhabitants-researchers 04. The neighbourhood party. Our cross-cutting question will be: what kind of city should be built based on the links and challenges created by its inhabitants? We will end with an aperitif-discussion in the former library of the neighbourhood, which has now become the “Casa Nova” housing complex.


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