Timelines: Fri 30.06, Sat 01.07, Sun 02.07, Thu 29.06, Wed 28.06

Brussels2030 Summer Assembly 2023

Divers // Ongoing

📅 Wednesday 28.06 to Sunday 02.07

Tram 20.3.0 Talks

🚩 Les Halles
Hosts: BrusselAVenir

Tram 20.3.0 Talks, is an audio installation consisting of 6 short audio stories of diverse Brusseleirs from the year 2030, narrated by the tram. The installation with fictional stories is an answer to BrusselAVenir’s research question “How will we share the city amongst each other in Brussels in 2030?”. The stories are about the journeys of different passengers inside a tram. Each story conveys different messages around mutual care and solidarity across differences; language and cultural plurality; connection between municipalities in Brussels; inclusive design as a norm; and a feeling of home for everyone. Each story is available in French, Dutch and English. The Tram 20.3.0 Talks is the result of a process of participatory futuring and co-creation of diverse futures visions for Brussels.

Jus Sanguinis

🚩 Les Halles
Hosts: Espirito Mundo association

The experimental poetry exhibition “Jus Sanguinis” highlights human rights, particularly those of people forced into exile, while having an important ecological dimension thanks to its design using recycled or reused materials. It was created during an artistic residency in 2021, by the poet Aline Yasmin and the artistic producer Renzo Dalvi. Guided tours by members of the Espirito Mundo association are planned.


URBE – URBanisme Émotionnel

🚩 Les Halles
Hosts: La Concertation Asbl

The installation-exhibition “URBE – URBanisme Émotionnel” is the result of an investigation into the relationship between urban space and personal biography. Since 2021, La Concertation Asbl and Medeber Teatro have been offering photography and choreography workshops in various districts of Brussels for young people aged 12 to 16, who are led to express themselves through their daily urban environment. Using their senses, their imagination and their memory, they propose a rewriting of the city and create new cartographies.

L’ Auberge Cabaret Bethleem

🚩 Place Bethleem (Sint Gillis)
Hosts: La Pointe asbl

The Auberge-Cabaret will be set up in the Bethlehem square in Saint-Gilles, as a place to drop off and share memories, stories and affects with the songs we live with. The Auberge-Cabaret will propose meetings-conversations that will explore the intimate, personal and collective bonds that the inhabitants weave with this universal, sensitive, light and popular form that is song. This playful and artisanal device aims to listen to the voices that make up the little music of today’s Brussels, so as not to suffocate them under the “big project”. The sessions will result in recordings broadcast on La Pointe.

Habiter la democratie Bruxelloise grâce au cinéma participatif

🚩 Les Halles – Foyer
Hosts: Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles & Ana Povoas

A camera booth, accessible in the afternoon during the Brussels Assembly, will allow visitors to express themselves in video format on their vision of the metropolis’ future, guided by two young animators. What are the main problems of ‘spatial justice’ that Brussels should solve? Is coexistence between inhabitants in a hyperdiverse city one of them? This permanent video project is inspired by the Ateliers Urbains, collective video workshops that allow people to live in democracy for the time of a movie… during its creation, but also during the subsequent screenings and debates. The result of these interviews will be the subject of a later editing that will feed the Brussels 2030 project. Wednesday: Parc Josaphat – Thursday: Place Pogge – Friday: Marché de la Place Lehon – Saturday: Marché des Ecuries du Tram – Sunday: Halles de Schaerbeek

Cycle &toile

🚩 Les Halles
Hosts: V2Vingt

Cycle &toile is a project that is being developed within the non-profit organisation V2Vingt and was born of the same desire for cultural dissemination. Cycle &toile is a travelling cinema built on a cargo bike intended to share the works produced by visual artists, authors of documentaries, fictions or various filmic experiments.

What if we don’t see the other?

🚩 Les Halles
Hosts: Women in Art

Women in art puts the problem of invisibility into a whole new perspective. What if we don’t see the other? is a 3-day contemporary art exhibition in comic and canvas format with an adapted installation for the blind and visually impaired public, a guided visit using dialogue. It aims to question our vision of others and the grip these invisible relationships and fractures have on our existence. It gives a perspective on the mental impact and possible trauma involved. What if we could have seen the female artists of the Renaissance? What if the invisible became visible? What if we could spend an evening talking about the invisible fractures?


🚩 Michel Zwaabstraat – Pierre-Victor Jacobsstraat – Opzichterstraat
🗓️ Saturday 1 July (11h): Workshop Categoreez, Yassin Mrabtifi (Ultima Vez) + Sunday 2 July (17h30): Performance Categoreez, Yassin Mrabtifi (Ultima Vez)
Hosts: openstreets.brussels

It’s summer in the Maritiem district! Welcome to the third edition of Openstreets. A summer in which the car-free summer street travels through the neighbourhood and makes space for encounters. Ultima Vez, Kanal-Centre Pompidou, Filter Café Filtré Atelier, Cultureghem, BOOST!center, Peeping Tom and many local partners join forces again this summer and take to the streets. The result is a summer full of free activities, music, performances and workshops in eight Molenbeek summer streets.

Denaturing the City

🚩 Les Halles
Hosts: LOUiSE lab, ULB

Our current crisis is not only about the environment and the climate, but also a crisis of the imagination. By expanding how we imagine futures, we can see the present differently and change what we think or do now. For five days, fifteen students of architecture accepted the invitation to collectively dream of futures that would help us suturing the “great scission” between humans and the living earth, between culture and nature, a legacy of modernity at the root of the construction of contemporary cities. The exhibition displays the methods and the stories and drawings attempting to anticipate a more-than-human urban future.

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