Timelines: Thu 29.06

Brussels2030 Summer Assembly 2023

Cultural activities, Thursday 29-06

🕑 18.00 – 21.00

Coudenberg Sound Box Fest

🚩 Place Royale 10 Koningsplein
Hosts: Palais du Coudenberg
🕑 18.00 – 19.00

A travelling sound experience in the remains of the Coudenberg Palace. Flautists Matteo Gemolo and Carlota Ingrid Garcia, of Italian and Spanish origin respectively, have chosen Brussels as starting point for their artistic work. They invite the audience to immerse themselves in a dark and intimate atmosphere and to be guided by the varied sounds of their musical universe. An acoustic journey through the centuries, from the Baroque to the present day, which becomes a tool for dialogue with the heritage and history of the place.

Brussels2030 Jam!

🚩Les Halles – Foyer
Hosts: Muziekacademie Schaarbeek (MAS)

From Go! Music Academy Schaerbeek, we are helping to build the musical future of Brussels. In an open jam, accompanied by teachers and students from the Jazz, Pop, Rock department, we will provide a soundtrack to a vibrant Brussels Assembly. Anyone can join in with his or her instrument; we will provide a piano, a drum kit, amplifiers, and also some small but fine percussion. Dancing is not forbidden!

Short movie screening: ‘Trip of the Futures’

🚩 Les Halles – Grande Halle (2)
Hosts: BrusselAVenir & Cycle &toile (V2Vingt)

In August 2022 10 youngsters from Brussels and 10 youngsters from Slovakia gathered in Bratislava to reflect on the question: “How will young Brusseleirs and Bratislavian bond in 2035?” They traveled together to futures, they created and shared creations with the others, and they got the impossible task of making movies in 60 hours. They imagined worlds on how people will connect in 2035, amidst the increasing presence of technology. They just had 2 cameras, 1 phone, some tape, some plastic, a reptile costume, a melon and a black box theater to turn ideas into films. The outcome is 3 short collaborative films (V – Revival – Middling) which explore crucial topics such as life in digital futures universes, ethical concerns of technology and different ways of interacting and connecting in a world of artificial intelligences, multiverses and infinite other possibilities.


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