Timelines: Sun 02.07

Brussels2030 Summer Assembly 2023

Co-creation labs, Sunday 02-07

🕑 10.00 – 13.00

Co-créer des scénarios et contre-narratifs face à un symbole contesté dans l’espace public

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 3
Hosts: Brussels Studies Institute

For several years now, some of the murals on the Comic book route of the City of Brussels have been accused of being racist or sexist, while the city is often presented as the capital of comics. Who are the actors in these disputes, their claims and their arguments? What are the scenarios and narratives that can be constructed in respect of the Comic book route, or even other contested artistic devices in Brussels? Come and share your arguments and reflections during this open workshop that respects everyone’s opinions.


Brussels Voices – It all depends on who you ask

🚩 Les Halles – Foyer
Hosts: commissioner.brussels

One in three residents of Brussels is non-Belgian, and they cannot vote in regional elections. Meanwhile, the city and its population have an ambivalent relationship with Brussels’s role as the de facto capital of Europe. The democratic participation platform Brussels Voice attempts to give “International Brusselers” a voice in policy, but who does it speak to, speak with, speak for? This interactive workshop explores the contours and contradictions of the so-called international community of Brussels and asks whether being the European capital binds or divides the population.

Play the city: Imagine Europe (5/5)

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 6
Hosts: Brussels Academy, Arts et publics, Larsh Université Polytechnique des Hauts de France

In this five-day activity, participants are immersed in the world of Minecraft to dream up and design a new European capital, after a visit of European headquarters the first day. Using the popular video game as a creative tool, participants spend half-days crafting their vision for a modern metropolis from Luxembourg Square. They can let their imagination run wild as they build intricate structures, plan urban layouts, and design unique landmarks, all within the virtual world of Minecraft. Through this engaging and interactive activity, participants are encouraged to think critically and collaboratively, as they work together to shape their ideal European capital. From iconic buildings, public spaces to sustainable infrastructure, participants can explore innovative design concepts and reimagine what a modern capital city could look like. The combination of gaming and urban planning provides a unique and stimulating experience that encourages creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, all while having fun in the world of Minecraft.
Five-day workshop, please register for all five sessions

Common Fields (2/2)

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 5
Hosts: Laura Viale and Sevie Tsampalla

Common Fields involves a field trip and an open collaborative creative workshop. We invite participants to explore park Botanique, a threshold between the natural and the urban, using our mobile phone to take photographs that are then reworked into prints. We generate a collective composition, where individual, subjective and collective perception intersect and where a new landscape emerges. Not only the field trip, but also the final artwork is a place of exchange, exploration, and imagination to rethink the city through commoning and commoning art through the city.

Radio Poétik

🚩 Place Leon (Schaarbeek) – to be confirmed     🕑 10.00 – 17.00
Hosts: Park Poétik

This is the story of an interactive neighbourhood radio station, Radio Poétik, which intends to set up in a public space to give a voice to all its users. As the transmission of its electromagnetic waves, it wants to connect local residents, social and cultural actors, artists, … In short, everyone who is motivated to interact together. Real or imaginary, Radio Poétik wants to collect stories/dreams around a given theme: What Means Together?

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