Timelines: Wed 28.06

Brussels2030 Summer Assembly 2023

Co-creation labs, Wednesday 28-06

🕑 14.00 – 17.00

Learning(with)plants in Brussels

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 5
Hosts: Brussels Health Gardens – Jardins Santé à Bruxelles

In Learning(with)Plants interactive workshop we will invite local Brussels plants to participate in our space of learning and healing. We will reflect on vegetal intelligence and will question what plants can teach us and how they can participate in our mutual learning to respond to fast changing world? We will be sharing stories, memories, experiences, diverse knowledges and we will co-write(with)plants by shapeshifting into a guest plant, exploring phytography by creating a short story, poem, prayer, opinion piece or some other art work.


Come2art: Art-based citizenship

🚩 Les Halles – Foyer
Hosts: Culture Action Europe

Come2Art is a policy roundtable and a co-creation lab about arts-based active citizenship and creative place-making. This international workshop will bring together artists, community members, civil society organisations and policymakers from different European countries to discuss a set of recommendations advocating for stronger political and policy support for artists’ social role in building community resilience through artistic practices at the local, regional, national and European levels. Participants will work together over the course of the workshop to discuss and engage with European-wide policy recommendations to be used as guidance for implementation in cities across Europe.

Co-creating a more sustainable urban future: the case of Brussels’ urban mobility

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 7
Hosts: VUB-Mobilise

How can everyone find their way towards a more sustainable lifestyle? How can we achieve sustainable urban mobility? A co-creation process can help us gain valuable knowledge and hopefully, find the right answers. Defined as ‘active, creative and social collaboration of different groups of people to develop new solutions’, co-creation is an increasingly popular approach to solving complex problems. However, the extent to which co-creation can benefit society depends on the equity, representativity and inclusivity of the process. During this interactive workshop, you will learn more about co-creation, several methodologies to put this approach into practice, and how to make sure no one is left behind during the process. Focusing on the transportation system of Brussels, we will co-create solutions to facilitate the transition towards sustainable urban mobility. This workshop is open to everyone, and no previous experience or specific knowledge is required.

A futures’ Palimpsest for Brussels: speculating 2039 with youngsters (1/3)

🚩 Outside Les Halles
Hosts: Erasmushogeschool Brussel, VUB

This co-creation lab aims to stimulate, nurture, and collect young people’s images of the future for culture in Brussels through spontaneous conversations in the immediate surroundings of Les Halles. The lab is focused on the rigorous imagination of young people about culture in Brussels in 2039, 9 years after the city’s potential celebration as European Capital of Culture. During the lab, a continuous screening of a map of Brussels in Les Halles will show the urban choreographies of interviewers and interviewees and accumulate into a complex webbing of images and audio recordings of the futures talks. The lab aims to create a ‘futures palimpsest’ that will trigger individual and collective agency in the present and near future.

Atelier Quartier (1/2)

🚩 GC De Kriekelaar
Hosts: Ultima Vez vzw

Conceived as a moment of coming together around dance and movement, Atelier Quartier is an opportunity to take time together, seek and try together. This intergenerational gathering is open to a wide audience: both dancers and those without a dance background. The workshop will be facilitated by: Borna Babić, dancer at Ultima Vez.


Repenser l’économie : atelier fresque (1/2)

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 1
Hosts: Fresque Repenser l’Économie

The Rethinking Economics Fresco provides an opportunity, through a game of association and discussion, to better understand the critiques of mainstream economic theories and to learn more about heterodox schools of thought in economics. By participating in this workshop, you will discover the links between these theories and concrete policy measures and will have the opportunity to discuss socio-economic measures around the city by making links between these measures and economic schools of thought.

Play the city: Imagine Europe (1/5)

🚩 Agora Simone Veil (departure)
Hosts: Brussels Academy, Arts et publics, Larsh Université Polytechnique des Hauts de France

In this five-day activity, participants are immersed in the world of Minecraft to dream up and design a new European capital, after a visit of European headquarters the first day. Using the popular video game as a creative tool, participants spend half-days crafting their vision for a modern metropolis from Luxembourg Square. They can let their imagination run wild as they build intricate structures, plan urban layouts, and design unique landmarks, all within the virtual world of Minecraft. Through this engaging and interactive activity, participants are encouraged to think critically and collaboratively, as they work together to shape their ideal European capital. From iconic buildings, public spaces to sustainable infrastructure, participants can explore innovative design concepts and reimagine what a modern capital city could look like. The combination of gaming and urban planning provides a unique and stimulating experience that encourages creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, all while having fun in the world of Minecraft.
Five-day workshop, please register for all five sessions

Mind the Night: les nuits de demain

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 3
Hosts: Conseil Bruxellois de la Nuit

As the Cultural Capital of Europe, Brussels must be able to put the management of its nightlife to the fore. The Brussels nightlife presents specific problems: cultural dynamics, social difficulties, territoriality, economic attractiveness, mobility and urban organization, environmental issues (noise, light), tourist offer, etc. The regulatory environment of a city greatly shapes the urban experience. But the evolution of life rhythms proves today that it is no longer sufficient to simply plan the city through these spaces, but also necessary to introduce the notion of time. The question is therefore how Brussels can better manage the different uses and activities throughout the 24-hour cycle. The Brussels Night Council wishes, through co-creation workshops, to allow citizens to contribute to the reflection that will shape the future: what should tomorrow’s night look like?


Ateliers de gravure intergénérationnels

🚩 CENTRALE for contemporary art
Hosts: CENTRALE for contemporary art
🕑 14.00 – 16.00

CENTRALE proposes a series of intergenerational printmaking workshops with the artists Juliette Pirlet and Marianne Garnier (alternating) in the context of the exhibition Mehdi-Georges Lahlou & Candice Breitz. The intergenerational workshops begin with a guided tour of the exhibition to stimulate the participants’ thoughts and imaginations. The practical part of the workshops takes place in the company of one of the two artists who guides the participants in their discovery of an engraving technique (monotype, drypoint, lino, etc.).

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