Timelines: Fri 30.06

Brussels2030 Summer Assembly 2023


Co-creation labs, Friday 30-06

🕑 14.00 – 17.00


Musée du Capitalisme

🚩 Les Halles – Grande Halle
Hosts: Musée du Capitalisme

Given the particular context and impact of becoming a European Capital of Culture, we would like to offer the specific pedagogy of the Museum of Capitalism to all those within the Brussels2030 candidature. To enlarge, together, the scope of the candidating process, to be able to decide together what the city of Brussels means for us, if and how it should change, and, ultimately ask the inconvenient question: where does the money go? And who will benefit from its investements, on short – and long term? We provide an historical perspective with contributions from past European Capital of Culture cities and facilitate the group towards a concrete proposal for the B2030 steering group.

Futures worldbuilding Lab for youngsters (1/2)

🚩 Les Halles – Piscine
Hosts: BrusselAvenir

The Futures worldbuilding Lab is a two-day participatory workshop with a group of diverse youngsters from Brussels that deals with specific issues related to the future and Brussels in 2030 and resonate with the plurality of the city. We’ll talk about what futures thinking is about, learn how to ‘use futures’ and see how we can act upon it. Finally, we’ll create material to build the world for our futures story.

Au nom de quoi résister ?

🚩 Maison des Arts, Salon 7
Hosts: Musée de la Résistance de Belgique
💬 FR

Why get involved today? What is it that revolts us, what is it that we find so upsetting that it drives us to action? On the basis of the example of the historical Resistance (during the Second World War), of the memory kept by the oldest among us, and with the help of young philosophers, let us question together the foundations and motivations of our resistance today and tomorrow. A workshop-laboratory of thought and action, co-animated by the team of le Musée de la Résistance and by the speakers of the non-profit organization YoungThinkers.


Grief in the city, new rituals and collective care

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 5
Hosts: Rouwcollectief

Grief in the city; new rituals and collective care is a multi-language workshop and walk about grief in our modern city. Death is part of life, that’s our starting point. Let’s take grief out of the darkness and into public spaces, together we will figure out how, what and where. In a super-diverse city, our emotions connect us, and we can support each other even if our backgrounds and languages differ. During the first half of the workshop, we will share our mourning cultures and reflect on new rituals. Afterwards, we will create new rituals in our city.

A futures’ Palimpsest for Brussels: speculating 2039 with youngsters (3/3)

🚩 Outside Les Halles
Hosts: Erasmushogeschool Brussel, VUB

This co-creation lab aims to stimulate, nurture, and collect young people’s images of the future for culture in Brussels through spontaneous conversations in the immediate surroundings of Les Halles. The lab is focused on the rigorous imagination of young people about culture in Brussels in 2039, 9 years after the city’s potential celebration as European Capital of Culture. During the lab, a continuous screening of a map of Brussels in Les Halles will show the urban choreographies of interviewers and interviewees and accumulate into a complex webbing of images and audio recordings of the futures talks. The lab aims to create a ‘futures palimpsest’ that will trigger individual and collective agency in the present and near future.

The street is our stage

🚩 Les Halles – Foyer
Hosts: MetX & Zinneke, with Park Poetik & Kunstenpunt

Zinneke, Park Poétik and MetX have been working for years (whether together or not) on parades, festivals and interventions in urban public spaces. From their experience with various participatory methodologies and (international) exchanges, they find that many organisations, projects and artists are faced with similar social, socio-political and artistic challenges. Two questions summarise these well: what is the role, function and form of participatory arts in the public space in tomorrow’s hyper-diverse city? Beyond all differences and drawing on our stratified identities, how do we build a common imagination, future and identity? Together with Brussels2030, they invite you to join them in reflecting on the political, social and cultural relevance of such large-scale participatory initiatives. We also look beyond national borders to see how like-minded organisations in other European cities deal with this.

Play the city: Imagine Europe (3/5)

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 6
Hosts: Brussels Academy, Arts et publics, Larsh Université Polytechnique des Hauts de France

In this five-day activity, participants are immersed in the world of Minecraft to dream up and design a new European capital, after a visit of European headquarters the first day. Using the popular video game as a creative tool, participants spend half-days crafting their vision for a modern metropolis from Luxembourg Square. They can let their imagination run wild as they build intricate structures, plan urban layouts, and design unique landmarks, all within the virtual world of Minecraft. Through this engaging and interactive activity, participants are encouraged to think critically and collaboratively, as they work together to shape their ideal European capital. From iconic buildings, public spaces to sustainable infrastructure, participants can explore innovative design concepts and reimagine what a modern capital city could look like. The combination of gaming and urban planning provides a unique and stimulating experience that encourages creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, all while having fun in the world of Minecraft.
Five-day workshop, please register for all five sessions


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