Timelines: Wed 28.06

Brussels2030 Summer Assembly 2023

Field trips & walks, Wednesday 28-06

🕑 14.00 – 17.00

2 (t)huizen 1 museum

🚩 BELvue (departure)
Hosts: BELvue
💬 NL

Discover the BELvue museum in a different way: through the eyes of Leila! The BELvue is working with FMDO to train several people from immigrant backgrounds to tell their life stories through the museum’s themes. The six student guides have learned Dutch and will each tell their incredible, sometimes extraordinary, sometimes moving story that led them to their arrival in their new country, their second home, Belgium. Leila worked during the Cold War as a radio editor and teacher in Georgia, which was then part of the Soviet Union. She lived there in a Yezidi religious minority group and tells how the end of the communist climate changed her situation. She guides you through the halls of democracy, migration, pluralism and language.

In the lee

🚩 ISELP (departure)
Hosts: The City is our Playground

In the lee is an immersive walk where we will explore how to experience lee in the busy Brussels city center. City residents and visitors are constantly exposed to all kinds of stimuli. In the middle of the noisy traffic, crowds, screens and worries, the need for peace and quiet becomes important. Where can you experience this in the city? And how can the city create more sheltered areas?

Récits d’une Belgique imaginaire

🚩 BELvue (departure)
Hosts: BELvue
💬 FR

What if? What if, while walking through the BELvue Museum, we discovered stories, legends or tales about a surreal, funny and absurd country that looks like Belgium. Stories that would answer big questions such as: how do you learn to become a king? What is the origin of poverty? Or how does a Belgian mouse escape from a big cat? And then there will also be a language course in Brussels expressions and other brols and carabistoles. Michel Verbeek, a professional storyteller with a passion for Belgianness, will take you on a storytelling tour of the museum for young and old. Come and escape through voice, words and gestures.

Common Fields (1/2)

🚩 Maison des Arts – Salon 6 (departure)
Hosts: Laura Viale and Sevie Tsampalla

Common Fields involves a field trip and an open collaborative creative workshop. We invite participants to explore park Botanique, a threshold between the natural and the urban, using our mobile phone to take photographs that are then reworked into prints. We generate a collective composition, where individual, subjective and collective perception intersect and where a new landscape emerges. Not only the field trip, but also the final artwork is a place of exchange, exploration, and imagination to rethink the city through commoning and commoning art through the city.

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