About the Brussels2030 Summer Assembly

4 – 8 July 2022, Tour à Plomb, Brussels

For Brussels, the period 2020-2030 will be the decade of all challenges. How can we seize this moment to build new forms of social cohesion? How can we get the artistic and cultural sector back on their feet? How can we reimagine the major projects of the region and the city in terms of superdiversity, equality, sustainability, mobility, all linked to major planetary challenges, in order to strengthen them all together? How do we emerge, transformed for the better?

The Brussels Regional Government has decided to submit a bid to become Cultural Capital of Europe in 2030. Jan Goossens and Hadja Lahbib have been commissioned to prepare the candidacy by 2024. The project will be a process of urban visioning with the arts and culture as a leverage to express what we are already, the most diverse city of Europe, and to project Brussels becoming and remaining an artistic and a cultural attractor for the whole of Europe. The whole project is to be coproduced by civil society, arts and science, and the many actors that constitute the wealth of this city. With this Summer Assembly we aim to foster dialogue and collaboration beyond disciplinary and sectorial boundaries.

The Summer Assembly will be organized at Tour à Plomb from Monday July 4th till Friday July 8th 2022. It intends to offer a space where diverse urban actors can inspire one another and initiate processes of collaborative city-making.

Do you want to contribute making a more democratic, green, inclusive and caring Brussels, with culture at its heart? Do you want to coauthor our story? Do you wish to share your experiences and/or aspirations?

Be welcome!

The Brussels2030 Summer Assembly is organized by Brussels2030, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université libre de Bruxelles, Brussels University Alliance (VUB & ULB), Réseau des Arts Bruxelles-Brussels Kunsten Overleg, OpenLab.brussels, Brussels University Alliance, Brussels Studies Institute, Brussels Academy, VUB Crosstalks and weKONEKT.brussels.

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